Camp Tequila Mockingbird Spring Strawberry Music Festival 2011

I am part of an amazing musical tribe. That is, without a doubt, the greatest benefit of learning to play an instrument and jamming with others. Music connects people in a powerful way – always has, always will. Many years ago, at a chilly Spring Strawberry Music Festival, I discovered Camp Tequila Mockingbird – a long running gathering of musical festival goers from Santa Cruz. The Tequila Mockingbird jam circle changed my life. It connected me to what would evolve into my community and put me on a path to becoming the kind of musician I always wanted to be. Nancy Friedland and Alan Moses are two extraordinary people that were part of that Tequila Mockingbird camp. Nancy plays mandolin and

Nancy and Alan gearing up to go late into the night

Alan accordion. Their deep love of music and each other has been a great inspiration to me over the years. Nancy writes a wonderfully insightful blog about her experience as a relatively new transplant from Santa Barbara to Portland. She recently wrote a piece that really captures the challenges and the joy of becoming a competent musician and “putting it out there”. This line really struck home with me. “No amount of technique will substitute for the magic that happens when you let yourself connect”. Amen to that!

I really encourage you to check Nancy’s blog  Go to A Musical Life  

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