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July 2019

Strum Machine will make you better faster.

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This is a mind blowingly cool tool for helping you learn how to jam. It’s a play along web based app that has hundreds of different backing tracks for bluegrass and oldtime tunes. Not only can you adjust the time and key, you can also arrange chords in any order you want to produce whatever track you want to play with.

Strum Machine helps you…

  • Develop good timing and rhythm sense
  • Get comfortable playing with another “musician”
  • Practice your tunes and melodies
  • Develop leads and improvisation
  • Have fun “jamming” with guitar backup

For the $5.00 a month subscription price it is well worth it.

Check out Strum Machine here

Strum Machine was created by Luke Abbot who is the force behind Toneway, a really detailed and methodical approach to teaching people how to play old-time and bluegrass music. If you live in or near Santa Cruz you should check this out. They offer all kinds of great lessons and jamming opportunities and the Toneway songbook is one of the most comprehensive collection of old-time and folk tunes you will find.

Check out Toneway here